Wedding Flower Arrangements

Flowers seem to have fallen out of favor at weddings with a generation determined to be different. This is unfortunate, because wedding flower arrangements are not only beautiful, they are also expressive. If your mother is insisting on flowers, but you have always wanted a unique wedding, you can give in with a clean conscience. Today’s flower arrangements are funky, fun, modern and interesting, and are easy to replicate if you’re on a tight wedding budget.

Put those crystal vases back in the closet. In days gone by, vases were only a pedestal and the flowers were the main event. Now, containers are just as important as what they hold. Both fresh and silk flower arrangements for weddings can be large or small, rounded, square or wonderfully wild. No matter what your theme, there is a floral centerpiece for you.

For an elegant look, choose a large-mouthed vase with straight sides and fill it completely with lilies or other thick-stemmed blooms. The stems create a vertical line that you can break, if you’d like, with a ribbon tied around the middle of the vase. If your heart is set on roses for your wedding flower arrangements, prepare the vase by choosing a vertical embellishment: cinnamon sticks, painted dowel rods, even lengths of ribbon. Use a bit of glass-appropriate adhesive to attach them to the vase, add a bow, and fill with the blooms you love. These ideas can work for both fresh flowers as well as for silk flower arrangements

If your wedding is semi-formal, there is more room for fun. Choose a container that reflects the ambiance you want. Fill a large martini glass with tea roses and embellish with pearl trim, weaving the trim through the floral arrangement. Use a half-sphere of floral foam to create a dome of blossoms and display it on a cake pedestal. Adding a glass dome cover adds class to an already beautiful floral centerpiece.

Wildflowers in shiny tin buckets are perfect for a reception with country charm. If you don’t have buckets, use canning jars in varying sizes and group them together. For an informal beach wedding, bundle several blooms together and tie with a ribbon, then lay the bundles on tables and surround with seashells. If you’re concerned that the blooms in the flower arrangements will wilt, use floral picks and cover them with a ribbon wrap.

Make simple paper cones and add ribbon for handles. Fill with blooms and hang them along the aisle at your ceremony site. Shepherd’s hooks can hold hanging plants at an outdoor wedding ceremony. Make small arrangements from leftover wedding centerpiece flowers tucked into juice glasses, and place them in the restrooms for a complete atmosphere.

Wedding flower arrangements don’t have to be old-hat. Jazz up your event with unexpected containers, bright colors, and small flower arrangements that accent your special day. Unlike centerpieces that revolve around fruit or other objects, bouquets will always be beautiful to those who are more traditional, even if they have more flair than yesterday’s options. Remember that this is your special day. When it comes to tradition and personal style, you can have it both ways.

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