The fitness and bodybuilding communities lost an icon last weekend with the death of Joe Weider. A bodybuilding expert, fitness magazine publisher, and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Weider died of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 93 years old.

His age at death is a testament to his understanding of fitness and health. Like Jack Lalanne, who died in 2011 at the age of 96, Weider attributed his longevity to exercise and healthy living, and both men developed lucrative careers and fitness empires from their dedication to health and wellness.

Joe Weider was publisher of bodybuilding and fitness magazines and developer of exercise equipment and nutrition supplements. Weider Publications include top-selling fitness magazines Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Fit Pregnancy, Cooks, Living Fit, Senior Golfer, and more. He also authored Weider System of Bodybuilding and co-authored Brothers of Iron with his brother, Ben Weider. He was named “Publisher of the Year” by The Periodical and Book Association in 1983.

In the 1930’s, the Weider family launched the first sports nutrition company, Weider Nutrition, now known as Schiff Nutrition International. The company produced and sold some of the best-selling and most widely-known nutrition bars and supplements on the market today.

In 1946, in the wake of World War II, Ben and Joe Weider founded the International Federation of Body Builders, the organization that sponsored Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, and other notable men’s and women’s bodybuilding competitions.

Known as “The Master Blaster” and hailed by his protege Arnold Schwarzenegger as “the godfather of fitness,” Joe Weider was the fitness innovator behind several types of exercise equipment, including the As Seen On TV fitness equipment the Weider X-Factor and the Weider Powerbell adjustable kettlebell.

Joe Weider began his fitness empire as a mail-order entrepreneur but quickly grew to selling his products in retail outlets and through direct response marketing. By the 1990’s, Weider America’s Total Fitness Company was a global company, grossing hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In 2003, he sold Weider Publications and his magazines to American Media for a staggering $350 million.

In “Brothers of Iron,” Joe Weider writes that his interest in fitness began in his teens, when, at only 5’6? and 110 pounds, he found himself continually bullied and having to walk away from trouble. By the age of 16, claimed Weider, he could bench press 330 pounds, and he began a life devoted to bodybuilding, fitness, and entrepreneurship. His legacy will not soon be forgotten.





Points for Planning a wonderful yet Inexpensive Wedding

Many couples would feel that an awesome wedding wants a lot of money, but yet the truth is, with limited sum of money, you could still have a wonderful wedding if you pick the right ways in your wedding event planning. Right here are a few approaches for you to take into account if you are planning to spend less.

1) Prevent the high period

A lot of wedding events take place between the months of May to October. Having a marriage ceremony over these months won’t bode nicely for your budget. To prevent the high period, the very best idea is always to have a wedding in low- season months, for instance December to March. Wedding providers as well have less bookings during these months thus you can undoubtedly receive a greater charge for their services. Make sure you attempt to negotiate for the top charge for your budget. This is an affordable plan that will not likely hurt your wallets!

2) Inexpensive Wedding favors as your Centerpiece

A fantastic idea is to include inexpensive favors as a centerpiece. In this way, you’ll be able to reduce cost on the number of flowers along with accessories that you could possibly get. An incredible, and yet affordable idea will be to purchase chocolate kisses as well as put them in a lovely vase that your invitees could admire and also eat!

3) Inexpensive Wedding spots

The majority of wedding reception halls charge their largest prices on weddings held on Friday and Saturday. For affordable locations selections, try out having your affair on a holiday that happens to fall on a weekday or maybe get married on a Sunday or Monday. These dates will probably assure a great deal for your wedding budget.

4) Economical Wedding Cake

Who is going to afford a pricey wedding cake? To have quite a low-cost wedding cake, you’ll be able to have a small wedding cake at the top as well as a synthetic bottom for the lower two tiers of the wedding cake. A sheet cake could possibly be supported for the invitees. This is an affordable idea that won’t make a dent in your wedding budget!

5) Inexpensive Wedding Flowers

How to get reasonably priced wedding flowers match your budget? Figure out what’s presently in season and utilize far more green plants in your blooms. Additionally, make use of flowers that the florists usually have in store.

6) Discounted Bridal Dresses

The majority of brides imagine a Vera Wang gown but yet in the event that your are on a limited budget, that won’t be achievable. An excellent idea for discount bridal dresses will be to consider the sample sales and even outlet stores for sales prices! If the dress is actually a little big, you are able to always have a dressmaker make modifications. An additional idea? Decide on a Bridesmaid gown! Figure out what color the bridesmaid gown can be purchased in and buy it in white.


Wedding Flower Arrangements

Flowers seem to have fallen out of favor at weddings with a generation determined to be different. This is unfortunate, because wedding flower arrangements are not only beautiful, they are also expressive. If your mother is insisting on flowers, but you have always wanted a unique wedding, you can give in with a clean conscience. Today’s flower arrangements are funky, fun, modern and interesting, and are easy to replicate if you’re on a tight wedding budget.

Put those crystal vases back in the closet. In days gone by, vases were only a pedestal and the flowers were the main event. Now, containers are just as important as what they hold. Both fresh and silk flower arrangements for weddings can be large or small, rounded, square or wonderfully wild. No matter what your theme, there is a floral centerpiece for you.

For an elegant look, choose a large-mouthed vase with straight sides and fill it completely with lilies or other thick-stemmed blooms. The stems create a vertical line that you can break, if you’d like, with a ribbon tied around the middle of the vase. If your heart is set on roses for your wedding flower arrangements, prepare the vase by choosing a vertical embellishment: cinnamon sticks, painted dowel rods, even lengths of ribbon. Use a bit of glass-appropriate adhesive to attach them to the vase, add a bow, and fill with the blooms you love. These ideas can work for both fresh flowers as well as for silk flower arrangements

If your wedding is semi-formal, there is more room for fun. Choose a container that reflects the ambiance you want. Fill a large martini glass with tea roses and embellish with pearl trim, weaving the trim through the floral arrangement. Use a half-sphere of floral foam to create a dome of blossoms and display it on a cake pedestal. Adding a glass dome cover adds class to an already beautiful floral centerpiece.

Wildflowers in shiny tin buckets are perfect for a reception with country charm. If you don’t have buckets, use canning jars in varying sizes and group them together. For an informal beach wedding, bundle several blooms together and tie with a ribbon, then lay the bundles on tables and surround with seashells. If you’re concerned that the blooms in the flower arrangements will wilt, use floral picks and cover them with a ribbon wrap.

Make simple paper cones and add ribbon for handles. Fill with blooms and hang them along the aisle at your ceremony site. Shepherd’s hooks can hold hanging plants at an outdoor wedding ceremony. Make small arrangements from leftover wedding centerpiece flowers tucked into juice glasses, and place them in the restrooms for a complete atmosphere.

Wedding flower arrangements don’t have to be old-hat. Jazz up your event with unexpected containers, bright colors, and small flower arrangements that accent your special day. Unlike centerpieces that revolve around fruit or other objects, bouquets will always be beautiful to those who are more traditional, even if they have more flair than yesterday’s options. Remember that this is your special day. When it comes to tradition and personal style, you can have it both ways.

Bride and groom looking to plan your wedding online? Jen Carter, owner of My Wedding Blog, offers free information on wedding planning.

Wedding Date — How to Select Your Perfect Wedding Date

If you prefer to have your wedding, the initial thing you ought to consider is deciding on the right date for your wedding. And it is not just a normal day you should opt for, your wedding date truly implies lots. And so just consider the significant details so as to select the proper one.

Some couples opt to commemorate the day that they first met or perhaps had their first date, or perhaps a date that might possibly never take place yet again with all the numbers being the identical. While all of these concepts seem romantic, it might not be feasible with every scenario. When you pick a date that is specific to you as a couple may possibly not fall on a weekend which is when the majority of weddings occur. Despite the fact that this may possibly pose an hurdle for some, for some individuals it might not matter which day of the week they may be married. When you have your heart set on a date be ready for any scheduling difficulties that you might experience.

Selecting the appropriate season is likewise something that may perhaps factor into your wedding date. Quite a few brides want to have a summer season or possibly spring wedding when everything is fresh as well as in bloom. Bear in mind where you’re about to be married, at times the weather could be unforeseen and may possibly pose troubles that you didn’t take into consideration when you first decided the date. Possessing a summer wedding during a heat wave can be uneasy for you and also your wedding guests. When you’re acquainted with the weather close to you all through the year this could possibly be essential to take into account when deciding on your date. The weather could as well influence your spot, if you are planning an outdoor wedding be ready for any weather conditions that might be normal for your area.

In the event that your budget is an issue you might want to think about picking a date when anyone else is just not having a wedding. Usually June, August and also September are the most in-demand month’s to get married. Simply by opting for a date that isn’t loved by some other couples, you might find that the charges are less and it will probably be simpler locating a site as well as caterer. By opting for an off season date you might have a much less tense preparing experience.

To sum up, it is your wedding date and you need to decide on a date that is crucial to you as a couple. Yet by simply adhering to a few of these ideas you may possibly discover a date that will probably be far more helpful to your preparing demands.


Knowledge Concerning Flower Girl Gown Fabrics

Despite the fact that people pay attention to the attire styles when selecting their perfect attire, the fabrics for the dresses are additionally important matter to take into account given that they could impact the models and also prices. And when you are going to choose a flower girl attire, right here are a few fabrics regarding producing such dresses.

Amongst the preferred fabrics found in making flower girl attire is Organza. This form of fabric is translucent, smooth and also shiny. Generally white in color, this fabric is usually positioned on the topmost layer of an attire designed in organza. Organza is proven to be really a costly fabric and yet there are on-line flower girls apparel stores in which it’s possible to find and buy a somewhat less expensive attire in comparison with those which may be got from retail shops.

Satin is yet another fabric utilized in producing flower girl as well as bridesmaids garments. Interesting while because satin, in general, is not accurately a fabric form. It is a woven material described having one smooth and also shiny side whereas the opposite side is usually dreary. The genuine fabrics designed to weave satin consist of polyester, poplin as well as silk. A wedding satin is actually a heavy matte type of satin cloth employed to be stitched for matte satin flower girl gowns. The wedding satin is good for manufacturing crisp white apparel.

Most of us believe that silk is definitely a soft material but yet a raw and authentic silk really has a stiff and crispy in characteristic. Silk just gets to be soft if it’s combined with additional man made yarns. In so doing, not merely would silk grow to be soft, in addition , it become stronger and could be washed in a machine. A silk that is pure is rather high-priced and thus is not an excellent option of fabric for a flower girl’s apparel. Silk Apparel for flower girls are created with silk along with additional fabrics with the intention that the apparel is much more cozy.

Several other fabrics are generally taffeta and also tulle. Among all fabrics, taffeta get the most shiny color. Crushed taffeta garments have shape that makes light to reveal on the fabric and also makes the fabric appear to have two diverse colors when put below the rays of a light source. Tulle is regarded as the widespread fabric applied to make apparel for the little girls. It is an excellent and filmy material positioned on top of the apparel either as double layered or perhaps filled up with rose petals just like in petal apparel.

One thing to always remember once picking a model that is proper for your little girl is that the girl really should be ready to carry and don it easily as well as fashionably. Simple-styled garments are best for smaller girls whereas older flower girls ought to have on the size and of attire appropriate for their height as well as overall look.